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Welcome aboard the bridge of the USS.Soapbox.

Let me introduce myself, my name is James, Captain of the USS.Soapbox. On board you will find my thoughts, comments, musings and complaints on all things important and trivial. Please enjoy and if anything gets you attention please leave a comment (I do enjoy them) as I continue my journey through the expanse called life.

Technology, Pinnacle or Downfall?

October 14, 2012

I have a question for you but before you answer take a moment to reflect on the issue.

Looking at the technology available to us, we mankind have come a long way in a short time and continue to innovate at a tremendous rate but are we wise enough to have all the power and knowledge that comes with such advancement in technology.
How do you think we will move forward, Will we see nuclear holocaust in the future? Will we see the rise of the machines?, Will we see the stars and live the optimistic future that Star Trek promises? Or will be be invaded by alien overlords and forced to do their bidding as the noticed the amount of radio waves emanating from the earth?
what do you think?

iDont know what Apple will do next.

October 12, 2012

Apple are a company who go from strength to strength developing new must have products, but in the future will the apple development team have any original concepts to work with.i

Lock up the phasers

October 12, 2012

I would agree that if this grabs their attention, what would happen if someone fired a phaser?

Death of An Old Friend.

October 12, 2012

Well since we last spoke I have lost an old friend.

If you have visited here before you may be aware one of my favourite items was my windows home server, well it decided that it was due to be retired and as such gave up working and no matter how I tried I could not coax it out of retirement.

This left me the problem of replacing my home server but the problem was Microsoft had thoroughly cocked up the new version by removing the most important feature (Drive Extender) that made it worth it’s weight in gold then they announced that they were retiring the product.

Nice way to look after their customers don’t you think.

As such there would be no point in purchasing a new windows Home server.   So this presents the issue do I build my own machine or look for alternatives, The problem being building my own would have cost too much and would have been too expensive to run 24 hours a day due to power consumption so it was an alternative that I needed.

I found myself looking for a solution and this came in the form of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and I settled on a Qnap TS-412 which was on reflection very good value for money. The box takes up to four internal drives up to three terabyte each on the latest firmware and had three USB ports on the rear and one on the front. It also has two eSata ports but these are for single drives only, There is also two gigabit Ethernet ports, so in general it offers a great deal of flexibility.   The software also makes a big difference as there is not match that it can’t do and you can add additional software on demand however although I am very happy with it he NAS it’s still now windows if you follow me

So the new box is tucked away in a cubard with several terabytes of storage an contains our Music and Films and Photographs that can be displayed on any TV or PC ect and was worth every penny all my films an TV in one place no searching and messing about with disc’s and no way for the to be damaged.

Goodbye old friend.

Join the Federation

October 11, 2012

Now you may have seen my previous post on uniform in the Federation but looking at the picture above dispels the illusion that Star Trek are just geeks, tell me otherwise!

The Power of PowerPoint

October 10, 2012


Came across this little beauty and thought this sums up how we all view the PowerPoint presentation.


October 7, 2012

tribble in trainingIf you do not know what a Tribble is you need to use Google to check hem out but how cute is this?

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