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Crime and Punishment

October 4, 2009

While I try to keep my posts interesting and light hearted and family friendly on this occasion this post will deviate from the norm please be aware this post covers corporal punishment and other subjects that may not be suitable for all.

I find myself quite angry today after seeing the news.

There is a case in the news at the moment where a nursery worker has been charged and has admitted supplying a paedophile pictures of young children for financial gain.

Now this woman is as bad if not worse than the actual paedophiles (as some paedophiles, it has been proven are unable to control themselves) as it was to make money.

This is a link to a BBC news Item.

Through our governments we have put in place laws to protect ourselves and our expectations are that we, and all of society should follow said laws. We are both expected and obliged to behave in manner that does no harm to others by intent or neglect, whilst living by the law and our own moral compasses.

Morality (not to be confused with religion) is something that should be installed from the earliest age by our parents, grandparents, family and society as a general. however more and more we see this missing in society and it is not something that can be blamed on the ‘Hoodies or junkies or whatever’ the rot has set it is across the board and we are to blame for this as we have allowed the agenda of the liberal do-gooders and the politically correct brigade to dictate and change the rules to suit their agenda.

The people who no longer follow the rules set out are able to do so because they no longer have the incentive to stay within the law, as they know that the risks do NOT outweigh benefits and any punishment that will be minimal compared to crime. Now by doing so I am of the opinion that they have surrendered all the rights and protections offered by society when the chose to break the law.

I have up until the last few years always had a problem with corporal punishment as there are ways for the system to fail and on a few occasions it has. What we must do is find a way to negate any possibility of errors or more importantly corruption in the in the possess or by the agents that carry out the task of enforcing the laws, There MUST be checks and balances to ensure that errors and corruption are not possible as where there is the possibility of penalty of death we must get it right.

We should reinstate corporal punishment and yes by that I do mean bring back the death penalty and punishments that fit the crime. Now I can hear you thinking that is barbaric and inhumane not so, what about the mother, father, daughter or son who was murdered for a drug fix or the little boy or girl who has been raped or abused where is their justice! Yes accidents will happen for example you can have a car accident where a life is lost and an accident can be just that but if that accident takes a life because you were that drunk you are unable to stand that’s not an accident and the punishment should be harsh.

Everybody can make a mistake and as such the crime must be reviewed by a judge and jury of their peers and after a verdict has been reached the judge should be able to pass a sentence appropriate to the crime.

So The question is do we bring back the death penalty?

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