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That Time Of Year!

September 22, 2009

Not Long till October now and like many out there (I would imagine) we are looking towards the prospect of Christmas. We always start early as a family be it saving or purchasing goods before the prices get the winter bump-up.

giftWhat I have found is a really cool thing Amazon do, and that’s a custom wish list. now I have only started using Amazon a few months ago (no reason in particular why not until then) after falling out with my previous on line store for their Piss Poor Service, even though over 3-4 years of custom and a chunk of cash that I cannot disclose in case my other half is reading, any way they stiffed me big-time and as such no longer use them, sorry bile bubble up!

The cool thing is as I mentioned the wish list, basically, you create an account and go to the wish list and as you browse through the site if you see a product you really fancy add it to your wish list, now this can be so you can refer back to it at a later time or even better you can email it to friends and family so you never get 23 pairs of socks or 5 toasters you get the idea.

However I still think , although a great idea and it could appear a little presumptuous and would possibly use with a selected few or be as bold as a monkey with brass balls and send to everyone, you should most certainly have a look it’s a great idea.

As an example and for your viewing pleasure (or if you are feeling down right generous) here is my wish list.

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