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Milking the cow dry.

September 19, 2009

I love music, every day I have it playing on one device or another be it my PC or Hi-Fi or my MP3 player or in the car, it’s my version of a drug habit seriously it’s that important and would spend my last penny on music (as my better half will confirm, sometimes to her displeasure) and has been the case for the last 38 years.

What’scash-cow your point? I hear you mumble

I’m almost forty now and while I am still passionate about music I am no longer stupid took 30 years but hey. The music industry has made it harder and harder for you to enjoy music by putting up more barriers at every point of access.

As far as I my opinion goes they have milked the cash cow dry and everybody is beginning to notice and they don’t like it one bit.

I used to be quite happy to spend £20 or more on a CD but over time the range got narrower and if you spilled out of the top forty man do you pay a premium, no longer, I will do without unless it’s something I really want there is no more buying albums because you like one track or want to try something new.

So I have the music I have paid for on CD (See my other posts) and yet I am expected to pay once again just to use the music in another format, while it is common practice to rip your CD’s to your MP3 player and almost every media player gives you the tools to do so, you are almost certainly turning your self in to a criminal and I dare say the music industry would advocate hanging for such a heinous crime.

Digital Rights Management ( Translation:- you buy this product and we guarantee it wont work on the majority of your devices and in six months time wont be worth the disk space). I can understand why the companies need to protect their investments but DRM is a technology while in concept may be appealing it does not work and is more and more getting backlash from the consumer who is no longer prepared to tolerate this abuse of power.

I decided that I would never again buy a DRM crippled product as they say once bitten twice shy.

I do believe if you have toiled and laboured you should be compensated at a reasonable amount but the problem is the industry wants’ is to draw 40 gallons from the cow capable of delivering 40 pints. they want paid again, again, again…

Today I see in the new that the industry wants paid, wait for it… you know when you get a 30 second preview so you can check you have the right song or if you like the song well they want paid for that as well you’ve got to laugh (or cry).

Imagine if you had a heart attack and you went to hospital the NHS will fix you for free elsewhere you may be charged a one off fee but what if the surgeon was able to charge you a penny for every heart beat from then on would that work?.

The thing is I love music but it’s becoming more difficult to get the music I want in a format that is usable and convenient and is value for money.

Just as a closing though the film industry is not much different.

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